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Welcome to Steve HARRIS' World of work
     I am a 20+ year editor working on everything from live music performances, commercials and corporate.  Starting out as a finishing editor in the world where everything must be prepared for broadcast, I bring more to the plate then just good cutting.  I am currently working on Final Cut Pro coming from Quantel’s EQ, AVID and linear editing for years before those.

I have the latest version of Final Cut Pro Studio on my laptop so can work either on my system or yours.

     I started my career doing field audio, having been brought up in a home where recording 4 track audio was in my blood from the age of 9.  I owned my own field audio business in the 90’s but left it behind when my first child was born to get a more secure lifestyle.  Coming back to it in the new millennium was like greeting an old friend. Sure the gear is better now but the principles are still sound. (sorry about the pun) 

I have 2 wireless lavs, a Naumman shotgun, a Sound Ideas 302 mixer and a 2 track WAV/MP3 recorder for sending files to the transcriptionist and/or for a safety backup.

     I love live. I did it at the phone company in the 80’s and 90’s and now am doing it again when I can.  Back then I was the engineer setting up all cameras, switchers, CG’s and Audio..., then during the event I usually ran audio and tape. Now I am mostly used as a playback guy but am up for anything.  Ask and I will let you know if I am confident in my ability to do the job.

     I am in the Seattle area but enjoy traveling for work. I know a lot of people in this industry so if I can’t do it I’m happy to point you to someone who can.

For availability or more info:

Steve Harris

206 853-5646